Saturday, 3 January 2015

The first weekend of a new year

This year has been eventful for me - exciting, stressful and filled with new things.  I think the scariest thing I did this year was buy my new flat.  We bought one which was slightly run down, which means we could put our own stamp on it, which is happening, if slowly!

Warning: excessive flat photos, skip to halfway if not at all interested and just want the knitting bit. :)

Christmas Hallway
Workspaces for Pandas
Christmas Couch!
The Kitchen window (amandas other sitting place)


The Postie Van parked outside, bringing me yarn

This is what the hallway looked like when we first moved in,
and were practically living in it due to the decorators
Finally bought that wall of books we always wanted

The best shower curtain

That hallway cupboard which needed a bit
of a paint
The rude door glass

Don't forget the neighbour who liked to categorise washes: 

Now that I've bored you silly with photos of my new house, I'll bang on about knitting a little bit.

I imagine we're all probably had at least a few big events this year, which is why I've had such a lovely time this morning reading Kate Davies blog - it's a wonderful blog post about her year, which I did find very inspiring.  Apart from creating many beautiful knitting patterns, she has a beautiful home - I have oven envy - and learned to drive, which I also really have to do this year!!

I mainly happened across Kates post because she has a new book about yokes out, which is discussed by Jo in the Shinybees podcast.  Jo had some great things to say about the book, so I just had to have a little nosey myself.  I'll definitely be joining Jo in knitting this beautiful beaded yoke from the Frost at Midnight cardigan, I can't stop looking at it!   Once the book arrives I shall let ye know what I think of it!  Very excited.

Since it's saturday, the following podcasts are on my listening list, and it's a good one!
1. Shinybees episode with Kate Davies about yokes
2. Caithness Crafts new episode
3. Knit British new episode, and her one with Karie Westermann

I've finished yet another pair of socks (I promise I'll knit something else soon), so there is a wee cloud inspired cable and lace sock test knit if you'd be interested in taking part in that!  You can email me via the links here or get in touch via the Ravelry group

There was also a very nice new year with the family.  We went for a lovely meal, then drinks on ashton lane (which was, of course, the lane which inspired the shawl).  

Aston Lane

As it's new year, my goals (which no-one may hold me to, because I said so):

1. Sit my professional exam this month - I don't write pass, because I have *really* tried.  At this stage, what will be will be, and I won't beat myself up about that.  I sat this thing earlier than I had to to challenge myself and I have certainly done so.  Fingers crossed for me on the 13th of January.

2. Design and publish one pattern per month - I'll allow myself to average this out across the year.  Let's see how I get on.

3. Be tidier - my poor boyhalf.  I do enjoy cleaning the bathroom though, so surely that counts for something?

4. Try to be quieter - I was recently asked if I ever considered the possibility that I had ADHD.  It was a very strange conversation, which started with:
"I really like your attitude to life, I think you're a really genuine person", at which stage I was very flattered.  This was followed up with "I really think that who I see is really who you are, and that's just so refreshing" at this point, still taking this as a positive.
"You're definitely a little crazy, but you're nice", I did then ask if he felt he had problems holding back too, but he replied they weren't as bad as mine.
I feel we spend too much time at work.
I will work on my air of mystery.

5. Learn to drive - I can't.  It's inconvenient.  I hate cars.  They're too big.  I'm only wee.

There are a few exciting knitting things happening this year, but I shall keep them shh for the time being (see me working on that air of mystery?).

Today I'm listening to Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky.   It's nice :)

What are your goals for this coming year?
Has anything changed for you since last year?


  1. The wide window would have sold me, how could you NOT want to sit there and read (or in your case, spin).

  2. The bay window with the armchair and spinning wheel is just to die for!


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