Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sleepy Sunday & Braeriach Sock

After a wonderful day at Ginger Twist Studio yesterday (more on that later), today is a day for knitting, reading and reorganising my stash several times until it is lined up just right.  

I'm very excited to tell you that my new sock pattern is out.  It's called Braeriach and is inspired by one of the highest mountains in Scotland.  Scrubby mountainside plants, beaten by the howling winds. Even on days with bluebird skies, you’ll find yourself buffeted in every direction by the mountainside ‘breeze’. An icy bite is never far away when wandering a Scottish Munro like Braeriach, but you could always rely on good socks to keep you going!  Braeriach is the third highest mountain in Britain (and feels like it, when attempting your journey up).

I'm going to level with you all, I strongly dislike climbing up a mountain.  Yes, yes, it's all very pretty and theres a sense of achievement when you get to the top - but it's freezing, and windy, and I can't knit.  

Don't get me wrong, strap some wooden planks to my feet and send me down a mountain and I'm happy as the proverbial pig, but there are wee lifts there to take you up again.

These socks are made from Ginger Twist sheepish sock, and it is very yummy to knit with.  

Whilst I was in Edinburgh I bought a set of hiyahiya interchangables, mainly so that I could have the wee Panda needle toppers and that they were on the needles they were supposed to be on.  It's not excessive, it was totally necessary.  Also totally necessary was the small 9" metal sock circular - because I bought a wooden one the other day and now have to compare them.  Yes. 

I also left with another skein of Jess' lovely yarn in merino/silk Hocus Pocus colourway.  Is is beautiful and incredible and I shall spend the day smooshing it.  But first I must finish things I'm supposed to be working on.  How many projects do you currently have on the go?  I'm trying to reduce the amount of WIPs lying around so am determined to get some of these finished.  Also, I'm sure I had more cables, so perhaps I have some long-lost projects hidden somewhere, long forgotten. 

Best of all, PomPom arrived this weekend, just in time for my cozy kntting & chilling session.  There are some truly beautiful items inside this quarter, and I'd love to knit them but am unsure how patient I am!  There is a glorious laceweight top, but I might have to wait until a few exciting secret things are finished first. 

What do you have planned for this weekend?  Are you venturing outside or settling down on the couch? 


  1. Too depressing to count how many things I'm attempting to make at once. Second sock, first sock, shawl, mitts, baby sweater, blanket with another matching baby sweater, hats (scads of hats) for charity.Trying to work up the Tin Can Knits 12 sweaters in 12 months, but with two wedding samplers to cross stitch i might not make it lol

    1. 12 sweaters in 12 months?! That's a mountainous feat in itself without all those other wips!

    2. bit of a cheat, I'm sticking with under a year old sizes for an expectant friend and charity knits. Maybe ONE adult one for me.

  2. I think i have around five but one (Vivid baby blanket) i really must get finished as our niece was born on Wednesday. 12 squares knitted so far I need to knit another 12!

  3. I climbed Braeriach years ago and had forgotten all about it till now. Nice socks!

  4. Interesting post and your socks looks beautiful and cosy. I too have plans to knit some warm socks for my little kid this weekend.


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