Thursday, 5 February 2015

Needle Review: ChiaoGoo Spin

I couldn't stop after just the Karbonz review, so bring you a wee note on my new chiaogoo needles! Bought from Meadow Yarn at Yarndale, I obtained a little set of 2.75 bamboos on the 'spin' cable

The spin needles are bamboo, nice and sharp tipped, and come in short or regular lengths.  These are the shorter needles, and I love them.  So dinky!  The 'spin' part relates to the ability of the cable to move independently of the needles, so that you never end up with a large kinked & twirling stretch of cable when working in the round. 

These needles also come in metal 'twist'; the 'twist' is the ability of the cable not to twist around whilst you're working.  I've not tried this type, but they seem pretty cool. 

As you probably know, wooden needles are my favourite kind, so these wee needles are off to a headstart.  They're very smooth and have a nice amount of flexibility.  The tips are not as smooth as those of last months Karbons, which is both good and bad.  Good, because I feel I have more control over the stitches, and they grab slipped stitches back up nicely.  Bad, as they do catch a little more on the stitches sometimes.

The cable is really nice to work with - the clear cable turns independently of the needles, so there's no pulling a needle out and letting it untwist when you reach a new row when using them for magic loop.  I think this might be an issue which affects magic loopers more, as I don't see how you could twist the cable around quite so much when working in the round with full needles, but it definitely makes sock knitting two at a time less twirly.

Do you have a set of these?  Are they your favourites or do you prefer others?

The yarn is from the lovely Jess of Ginger Twist Studio, and is used in my lovely new socks which will be released this weekend :p

Yours truly will also be in Ginger Twist Studio this weekend with some of my patterns and knits to show you lot!  Do drop by for some tea and a chat :)

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