Friday, 8 May 2015

Glorious Gradients Roundup


Recently I've found I just can't get enough of gradient yarns. 

1. Knitting Goddess - I first found these beautiful little packs of yarn at YarnDale last year.  Composed of 75% superwash british wool, 25% nylon, they'll suit most projects.  Pictured above, these packs come in sets of seven 10g mini-skeins, each a slightly different shade from the last. I've split each in half because I plan to knit little mittens out of this set, and they're knitting up wonderfully.

2. Namolio - these cakes were found at a yarn festival, but Namolio also has an online shop.  The yarn is simply stated as 'wool', so I'm not entirely sure how it'll knit up or behave.  The colour changes are nice & gradual, and the yarn does feel nice - I imagine it'll soften even more with washing.  It's approximately 4-ply / DK, and I do look forward to knitting with it, though haven't found a perfect project yet!

3. EasyKnits Sushi Rolls - I adore these.  My roll is in the Peach Pie colourway.  These sock blanks are dyed symmetrically by Jon of easyknits, and unravel as you knit.  I'm planning on making some socks, knitting from both ends toward the middle to make use of as much of this yarn as I can, would be a shame if any of it went to waste! 

4. Kismet Gradient Packs - these are big packs!  They're made up of 5 skeins of 50g each, meaning you can make a significant project out of these little beauties and composed of superwash merino & nylon, so would suit a range of projects.  

I've used Kismet yarn recently in my Talavera pattern published in this quarters Pom Pom Magazine, and it was a delight to knit with.  The t-rex colourway is SO GREEN, the depth and consistency of colour is absolutely marvellous.  so a set of these pretties might just have to find their way to me too.


5. Wollelfe - having never ordered from Wollelfe myself I can't describe the yarn, but they do look pretty. My favourite from the etsy shop is this 'Granny Green', which would make a beautiful summer shawlette.  Most of these gradients are in superwash merino but there are some other fibre types available. 

6. Countess Ablaze has some amazing sock rolls, but unfortunately they disappear in minutes, so I can't find you a pretty picture :(  Her website is here regardless - you can sign up to her newletter to find out when the shop will be restocked.  

7. Natali Stewart -  whose stall I noticed at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.  It was filled with beautiful silks, and the cakes are no exception.  Being silk they aren't cheap, but most are also laceweight so will go a long way.  I'm very tempted to move into the realm of laceweight knitting just to make use of a yarn like this one. 

  Gradient Dyed Silk Yarn 16 2 NM GS 25a

8. Saras Texture Craft - last but not least, I've knit with this lovely yarn before too, and it made a yummy pair of socks.  Sara has now begun dyeing gradient cakes, and they're good.  


As for fibre?  I adore the gradient fibre from Hilltop Katie.  For example, this gorgeous braid, which I spoke about in this previous blog post, and am spinning up today (it's currently soaking, but I'll keep you updated!). 

What's your favourite gradient yarn?  Have you managed to knit anything with it yet or is it still sitting as a squishing ball on your desk?


  1. Wollelfe is on my list of sellers to buy from. Her yarns look wonderful, but it is so hard to decide on what to go for. Hilltop Cloud is also one of my favourites for fibre and I am getting ever more tempted by Countess Ablaze's yarns.

  2. I haven't gotten to work with gradient yarn quite yet, but I think it's beautiful! (: Certainly on my to-do list. Beautiful blog!

  3. I am a sucker for The Knitting Goddess i'm afraid!!!

  4. This is such an enabler post!! I'm a sucker for gradients and all of these are gorgeous.

  5. Wow! They colors of wool is actually glorious. I love knitting and thats why i try to find unique colors to knit. These are beautiful colors i must say.


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