Friday, 1 May 2015

Gratitude (A Playful Day Love Your Blog Challenge)

Part four in the Love Your Blog challenge, inspired by A Playful Day.  Better late than never.

This one is about gratitude, and it's difficult to chat about this topic without becoming decidedly soppy.  My overriding sentiment will be one of optimism. 

Isn't this the cutest plant pot you've ever laid your eyes on?  It's a little 'hedgehog', which you're supposed to plant your cacti in.  I didn't have enough jaggy plants, so there's a wee succulent and a tiny cactus in there instead.  This little guy is from Barruntando, a great wee handmade pottery shop on etsy.   (They also do the most incredible foxy yarn bowls :o). 

The yarn in the top photo is Titus, from Baa ram ewe.  This yarn is SO SOFT - it's 50% Wensleydale, 20% Bluefaced Leicester wool & 30% British Alpaca.  The colours are inspired by Baa ram ewes surroundings in Yorkshire; each and every one is beautiful! 

I love that items like this exist.  Sheepy wool blended beautifully for our knitting pleasure, and someone who felt we needed a tiny sleepy fox bowl to keep it in?  How can we complain about a life with such things.

The world is full of wonderful people, creative types all in our own way.  We're all great at different things, and we're better when we draw together to do incredible things.  Take for example the recent Edinburgh Yarn Festival (which has been blogged & podded about wonderfully by the inspirational Louise at Knit British).  It was an incredible feat of organisation, crafting, creating & socialising.  From the most famous knitter, to the volunteers and that lovely lady making us the coffee to keep us all going, everyone pulled together to make the weekend great.

Generally, I'm pretty grateful for most things I have in life.
In relation to blogging, I'm grateful mainly for you lot.  You lot who read this blog.  The lovely ladies who encouraged me to publish my first pattern, to people who introduced me to new techniques, new yarns & whole new yarn related hobbies!!

With each new technique I learn, it makes me feel more involved in our wonderful fibre community. 

At the end of the day, it's the simple things which make us happy.

Like new socks drying in a sunny window.

What's your favourite thing about knitting & the fibre community?  & Last but not least, I'd love to thank A Playful Day, for inspiring this series.  

Sock yarn from Stray Cat Yarns

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  1. I couldn't choose one thing...... there are so many different aspects to knitting and fibre community. Its the amazing designs from indie designers like yourself, the talented hand dyers, the online communities made through blogs, twitter, ravelry etc. Then there is the people you meet who previously you only chatted to online and make and build further bonds with. It is all amazing and I love it!


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