Friday, 6 January 2017

Exploration, & Radio Silence

'Best of Yarn' Compilation

I can make as many plans and lists as I like, but I certainly didn't think there would come a point where I hadn't managed to blog for almost a year.  A year!  It certainly doesn't feel like so much time has passed, or like I've been idle in the interim.

It would be too much to hope to catch up with all the lovely experiences I've had over the past 8 months, but I shall try to give you an overview:  There has been travel, living in campervans and exciting adrenaline activities.  New places, new scenery, new languages and ways of living.  There have been (and are) new people, both those met fleetingly, and those whom I now work with.  People who have taught me to embrace the joys in life, small treasures and simple pleasures, and also the inherent traits of those who I'd like to hope I would not emulate.  New studies, moving onto the next part of my diploma.  New work, settling into a new environment and way of thinking, new colleagues.  Last but not least, exciting knitting projects.

It is this last thought which finally prompted me to return to blogging.  I was listening to Jo (of Shinybees) on her podcast earlier whilst knitting - though we shall save *what* I was knitting for another post, hmm?

Jo talked about organising your stash when moving house, and shared her idea of 'Active Stash Exploration'.  When moving from Scotland in September, I rummaged through my stash.  I organised it, re-organised it, split it into purposeful piles and mixed it up again.  I carefully laid some yarn in storage bags, other skeins were gifted to friends.  I organised and re-organised the stash again.  The photo above is the final take.  My half-a-suitcase of yarn (plus 4 balls and 6 skeins bought on my travels...).

Active Stash Exploration (according to Jo), is the act of going through what you have, and appreciating it.  I feel I happened upon doing this by accident, but didn't think about it at the time - hearing Jo chat really rang bells with me.  I thoroughly enjoyed sorting my stash, and whilst I felt a small regret about having to leave most of it behind, I certainly brought more than enough...  And it's my favourites, it's the ones I have plans for, and the ones I might *actually* knit over the next 12 months or so!!  It's a 'best of stash' compilation, if ever there was one.

I realise all the labels aren't visible, but the pile includes Dye For Yarn silk, Eden Cottage Titus, Baa Ram Ewe Titus, Unicorn Tails from MadelineTosh (gifted to me by the beautiful Lauren @walkyouhome), Rainbow Heirloom, Skein Queen, La Bien Aimee, some glorious yarn from Iona where I went with my mummy before I left Scotland, some handspun, Triskellion, and lots of 'souvenir' yarn from my driving around NZ.

Currently, I'm seaming together something special for a wonderful collaboration with Clare (@knitsharelove).  This wee project is extremely exciting and I can't wait to share it with you!!  For the time being, I'll share this little sneak preview with you :D


 This magnificent shade was created by Helen (@thewoolkitchen), and as far as I understand, she has quite an exciting shop update coming tomorrow with lots of one-of-a-kind skeins!!  Due to moving countries I'm not currently able to indulge, but will definitely be sending someone with a shopping list to her stand at Edinburgh Yarn Festival!

What are you currently knitting?  Have you taken a new approach to your stashing recently?


  1. So glad to see you blogging again! I actually thought of you a couple of weeks ago (inspired by a fox-motif knit, I think) and was wondering how you were and what you were up to. Sounds like you have been busy indeed! (You're living in a new country now?)

    1. Glad to be blogging again! It sounds cliche, but I really am surprised how much time has passed!

      New Zealand is lovely, and it was an adventure moving here - though took more out of me than I'd have reased!! Back on track now :D

  2. New Zealand is on my list of places to visit one day—I've heard it is an amazing place. Is your move there permanent?

  3. Hey its really good to hear from you again and although you prolly knw, just wanna say that i really enjoy your work here and love to read up on what you have to say and share.Thanks!


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