Thursday, 19 January 2017

Wool Tribe 2017 & Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Traquair Hat & Mittens, by Amanda B Collins @OwlPrintPanda

It's another lovely week in New Zealand, and there's some very exciting news from home in Scotland too! Today pre-orders are live for Wool Tribe, the Edinburgh Yarn Festival guide.  Whether you're going to the festival or not, there are some truly beautiful patterns in this little book, which yours truly was lucky enough to be a part of!

My pattern is Traquair, which is a hat and mitten set.  The yarn is from SkeinQueen, a very firm favourite.  (I'd highly recommend her club, if you're looking for some very smooshy yarn deliveries!  Each months yarn is based on a book, which does add a nice depth to the club.  I might have had a medium sized purchasing accident in the SQ shop update earlier...)

Traquair Hat & Mittens, by Amanda B Collins @OwlPrintPanda

Traquair Hat & Mittens, by Amanda B Collins @OwlPrintPanda

All the patterns can be viewed on the Edinburgh Yarn Festival website, where there's lots more information about the festival too.  Unfortunately I won't be able to make the festival in Edinburgh this year, but I'm very much looking forward to catching up with everyone who goes!

You can already hop over to the Wool Tribe Ravelry page to get liking and queuing your favourites, all lined up and ready for knitting!

Are you going to EYF?  Have you planned projects to wear at the festival?!



  1. I look forward to my copy, especially as I can't go to EYF this year either. It will be a piece of Edinburgh for me over here in the south.

    1. So many little pieces of Edinburgh heading all over the world!

  2. Perfect dressing for a winter evening party! The pictures reminded me of last winters, It was so cold we were literally freezing. Thanks for the sharing the pictures.


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