Wednesday, 30 January 2013

11 Perfect Little Earrings (because I couldn't narrow it to 10)

I'm a sucker for earrings, and recently they're getting cuter (either that or I'm just on etsy far more often...).  Anyhoo, thought I'd share some of my all time favourites!

Perhaps you're looking for gifts to hint heavily for on valentines day, or you're just going to treat yourself, but these little guys are all awesome :)

(p.s. I haven't price checked or anything, so maybe have a wee etsy search first if you do decide you *need* them - wouldn't wanna be sending people off paying too much!)

Over the Moon Birds, from Verarodrigues

Raincloud Studs, also from Verarodrigues
Spiky little Hedgehogs! from Pippoko
Flying Elephants?! also from Pippoko
Squirrel and Acorn!  When Adam Met Eve
Baby Fox Studs, also from When Adam Met Eve 
Uh oh, catses and mouses! - Turns out I love the When Adam Met Eve shop too much

The fox and the bunny!  find them at Sarah Birt Jewellery

Hoot Hoot with Janes shop

And Hoot take twoooo (see what I did there) with Apple Latte

10 Perfect Little Earrings
Squirrels! from Studio Rhino

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