Saturday, 2 February 2013

First Spinning Project... Here we go!

Officially addicted to this spinning malarkey.  After spending last weekend happily braiding all my fibre together (why is this so addictive??),  I arrived home from my exam yesterday to this lovely spinning book waiting on my doormat for me.

(Quite literally on the doormat.  My letter box is stupidly small - see the photos in my DIY draught excluder tutorial for proof - and since I live in a nice top floor flat and have a lovely postman who I chatted to, he now leaves books under my doormat for me so I don't have to go collecting them all the time).

Anyhoo, I sat down with a cup of coffee & some biscuits and read the entire book.  Such a nice afternoon, I've not had time to just sit and read a book for so long.

Looking through the methods of spinning to see which is closest to mine, it turns out I have made up a magical way of spinning which isn't listed (though I'm sure it already exists).  Having only started last week with no teaching I just fed the fibre in whichever way felt easiest.   It works for me, and I'm happy with my first project, so I think I'll just stick to it :)

Happy is actually an understatement, I am insanely proud of my first bobbin-full of yarn -looky here!!

I wanted DK, and think I have managed! (mostly).  It does maybe go up to worsted and down to fingering in places, but not too much at all!  Very pleased.  Proud of self.  *pats self on back*

I've unwrapped the larger bobbin (75g) into a skein ready for dyeing, using my arm - no scientific measures spared here - and estimate it to be aroooouuund 230 yards (210m), this sounding like DK to you?

I'm expecting a book on dyeing the yarn to arrive today, so I shall keep you all updated!!!

UPDATE:  I've dyed this now!  See it here :)


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