Monday, 28 January 2013

How to Braid Fibre (& GIFs are fun!)

This weekend I ordered lots of yummy fibre for spinning on my new wheel, then got rather obsessed with winding it up into these yummy braids ready for dying!  

How to Braid Fibre Wool

In case the video is making your eyes dizzy, here are a few little written instructions:
1. unravel your ball of fibre, and fold it into a long 'N' shape.
2. tuck the end of your 'N' around the loop beside it to serve as a tie in for the top of the braid.
3. then just braid the fibre down!  (right over, left over, etc)

I also have some raw fleece washing in a bucket in the bathtub... my better man probably ain't too happy, but it's gonna be so pretty!

Aaaaand - GIFs!  How great are these!  little picturey videos. nom.

Do you dye your own yarn?  What is your favourite technique?  I'ma gonna try them all!

G'night Lovelies!
Amanda :) x

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