Sunday, 27 January 2013

Excited for my Stall at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival!

I say excited, though I'm terrified in equal measure!  After gazing in awe at those oh-so-crafty peoples hard at work (& eating cake & laughing...) behind their stalls at craft fairs for quite a while now, I decided to take the plunge!  So this year I'll be sharing a stall at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival with the lovely Sarah of Porcini & Button.

The organisers seem lovely, and there's an amazing array of stallholders confirmed already! I'll be hard pushed not to wander away from my stall and spend all my monies on wooly goodness!

My plan is to make a plan.  Indeed, making a plan is always a good way to start.  A couple of baskets of goodies here and there, perhaps a special little item for the fair!

Will you be visiting the Edinburgh Yarn Festival this year?  Pop in and visit me!  I am always happy for a chat.  Perhaps I shall bring chocolate, though I'll likely have eaten it all by the time you get round to me :p

G'night lovelies!

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