Friday, 26 July 2013

Indian Summer: Day 14 - Agra

As we arrive in Agra, the sunshine is well and truly back, along with the heat. Sheltering from midday in a local cafe, we try to figure out what the best plan is for the next day or two.

The 'Baby Taj' was up first, a perfect little area of quiet in a very (veryveryvery) busy city. Again my partner shows too much faith in the kindness of strangers as he accepts some shoe covers from the man in front of the temple (20 rupees please) - though I scorn, the skin on the soles of my gentle feet prickles over the sun baked stone.

I made some new friends in the local wildlife, are these chipmunks? Showing a woeful lack of animal knowledge here.

We then caught a rickshaw to the eastern gate of the Taj Mahal, where there's a lovely garden walk, with lovely views over the monument.

Now, sitting on a rooftop terrace, watching the sun set beside a brilliant view of the Taj Mahal, my dinner has arrived. Nomnom.

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