Friday, 26 July 2013

Indian Summer: Day 13 - Jaipur

Jaipur has to be the most crowded place I've yet visited (though I get the feeling I've said this a few times now!). The markets are packed, goods hanging from every available surface and crowds heaving across the walkways (and the road).

Monkeys lounge on rooftops and canopies, one eye open for that unattended apple, samosa or fetching orange shirt. Apparently there was a tv series shot here called 'monkey thieves' - the main culprit a belligerent old monkey who will rattle the green grocers door until he is fed for the day. Only then will he allow the paying customers to pass.

We found brilliant views from the top of a tower - this was the first town built from a plan, and as such the streets lead in grids, unlike the mazes encountered in most other places we have visited!

The observatory here is the oldest and best preserved of its kind - enormous instruments sourced from all over the world were brought here to be used by Indian astronomers. The lonely planet refers to it as 'a scene from a sci-fi no el', which suits the place well.

A brief stop at the palace of the winds, where we meet a snake charmer, and we were off to the golden fort high up on the hill.

Despite the rain, the golden fort was spectacular. And there were baby monkeys. Baby monkeys win.

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