Sunday, 14 July 2013

Indian Summer: Day 4 - Bikaner

After a wonderful night camping under the stars, we packed up and headed back to our hotel in Bikaner. I began to write about it yesterday, but on arriving in my room I can't describe how amazing it is! It's more of a small apartment we've been given, with its own little garden and everything! It appears just to be our group here at the hotel, we haven't come across anyone else yet!

The pool is wonderful, although when we entered the staff ran around closing all the shutters, so perhaps we were being indecent...

Sightseeing wise, we wandered through a lovely little museum before setting of to see the rat temple.

Exactly as it sounds, the legend of the rat temple begins when the family living in the building many years ago proclaimed that they brought rats to represent their dead ancestors. Now it is believed that anyone from this family who dies will become a rat in the temple.

The temple is lined with rats as you enter. Hundreds upon thousands of twitchy nosed, long tailed fluffies. I kind of like rats, and don't mind the premise of this temple at all (except that I may be a bit cynical and would prefer to believe they found a rat infestation and a grand way to pass it off as deliberate). Though it would have been better if, like all holy places here, I hant had to take my shoes off. Dirty, dirty feet.

A quick wander round the local spice market (complete with camel) and the day was spent!

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