Sunday, 14 July 2013

Indian Summer: Day 5 - jaisalmer

The train today was a new experience. Hot, crowded, covered in sand as the scarce but keenly awaited gusts of wind bring what seems like half of the desert with it. We were lucky, though, managing to grab a bay for our group for most of the journey.

On arriving in Jaisalmer, we headed for the hotel to freshen up. What a beautiful hotel! Made from the same rich golden sandstone as the fort nearby, with a great pool outside.

After dumping our bags, we rode a rickshaw to the nearby cultural heritage museum. A very homely little museum, the elderly man who had collected all the items and articles within gave us our own private tour (complete with a grandad-style rant about today's youth culture). A truly lovely man, this filled our afternoon before meeting back up with the group. Together we visited a grand old temple by the side of a lake - water is very important in these desert areas, so can often be found surrounded by shrines or temples.

Dinner was slightly disappointing! I knew already that I prefer the local restaurants to the tourist one, but this made me more determined than ever to branch off & eat dinner else where. At the saffron restaurant the portions were small, the prices large, and the spices nothing special. It was very pretty though, and just in time for hiding away from the thunderstorm...

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