Sunday, 14 July 2013

Indian Summer: Day 7 - Jodhpur

Embarking on a bus at 4.30am didn't appeal at first, but what a great way to nap and cool down whilst giving yourself more time to explore during the day!

After a quick swim in the pool (love swimming) we set off to see the fort at the centre of the town. From here you could see the many blue buildings of the 'blue city'. These were originally painted blue to show the social status of the inhabitants, also offering the benefits of insect repelling and cooling. Now, however, anyone can paint their house blue, and it makes for an impressive sight.

Walking into the blue city itself is daunting. The streets are the busiest we've yet visited, with rather aggressive rickshaw drivers!!

Local Lassis are incredible. Lemon flavour perhaps? Absolutely brilliant - if you've never tried a lassi before, you really should head to your local Indian cafe and drink one :p

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