Sunday, 14 July 2013

Indian Summer: Day 6 - Jaisalmer

Waking up early to head to the nearby market and 'sandcastle' fort was a wonderful idea! So many cows in the teeny streets! Food, spices, saris and collectables line the walls & floors.

From a lovely lady, I gave in and bought a sari. It's gorgeous and red and beaded and oh so pretty. Feel like I'm doing complicated origami every time I try to put it on, but its worth it :D

The rooftop cafe we found for breakfast was breathtaking, you were able to see the whole town whilst eating pancake and sipping a cool lassi. The host was friendly and the furniture was novel for us as we sat at the low tables with our legs crossed on cushions.

Visiting museums, temples and old stately homes filled our time inside escaping the midday heat of the sun. Cultural history and folklore museums are always my favourite. It is so interesting to find out how people grew and blossomed in different landscapes and with different traditions, hopes and beliefs.

As the sun began to set, we headed to a local temple where the important nobles of the nearby area were remembered in marble stones set in sandy coloured temples.


  1. I had to wear a sari to a wedding once. I followed the instructions to put it on as best I could and off we went. It didn't fall off, however, while we were while we were queuing for the meal some elderly ladies rearranged it!

    1. That was kind of them! Where was the wedding?


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