Thursday, 25 July 2013

Indian Summer: Day 8-9 - Udaipur

This place was very pretty, as the prince still lives in the palace atop the hill. There are a couple of very expensive hotels which look as if they are floating on the lake - so we took a boat ride to nosey at them.

I may have gotten slightly carried away and bought an 1830s gramophone. I love it. I don't love carrying it around with me. Gramophone + overnight train/rickshaw/bus = awkward & difficult.

We watched a local dance show (how do they balance so many pots?!), and discovered that this place seemed to have replaced its bird population with bats - rather eerie when they all soar overhead!!

The rooftop restaurants here are fantastic, but apparently my calves are mosquito nibblets & I'm on a desperate hunt for antihistamine cream...

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