Thursday, 25 July 2013

Indian Summer: Day 10-11 - Pushkar

This little place is teeny! Wandering through, I'm torn between loving the sounds of chanting emanating from the lake, with many colours and scents as worshippers from all over the world make a journey to bathe in the pools near the temples- and hating the rather aggressive lotus salesmen who try to place flowers in your hands an claim that means you've bought them now.

Personally, I feel forcing religious items on someone & demanding payment can't really be in the spirit of most religions.

Always a fan of the rooftop cafes, we find one to settle in to escape the midday sun.

The little shops here are fascinating, and as a group we head to a local restaurant which screens Bollywood films whilst you eat on the comfortable cushioned floor. As ever, the food is great (I might be getting fat) and the film was great fun. Far less songs than I'd have imagined though!!

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