Saturday, 24 August 2013

A little day off and a Yarn Cake

You've heard me mention working.  I'll just quickly slip that in again.  So I had a day off and was determined to use it to it's fullest :D

I popped to The Yarn Cake - did I mention that I may have strategically chosen my new flat because it's on the street next to this lovely little shop?  I'm not going to lie, or be at all ashamed of this.  Such goooood caaaaaaake.  And wool.  And fluff.   I don't see my partner very much at the moment because I'm mainly working nightshifts & he's working days.  So I may have moved into the yarn cake for the day.  Such lovelies, who wouldn't??

Anyway, I sat with coffee and a magazine in the morning and was very surprised to notice this little guy appear beside me.  He made himself right at home!  Cheeky little cat.    According to his tag, he's called John.  Which I feel is an insane name for a cat, so I shall call him Cat.  Do you have any funny/naughty cat stories?  Do post me them below or on twitter, they do make me giggle!

Oh, and did I mention my new shoes?  New shoes.  pahahahaa I loooooooove them.   Shooooooooooos :D

Let me know what you've been up to!  Don't suppose I'll bump into you in The Yarn Cake one day?  x

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  1. ;-) :-) Yip simple things .... Have fun xx


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