Thursday, 22 January 2015

New Pattern: Ithunn Socks

Steady tendrils of graceful ivy grow up most vertical surfaces in the local garden, and it would be nice, just by slipping on a pair of socks, to become a little part of that.

Living in a flat often means that we have to bring little pieces of the outside in; anything from cacti to orchids, window-ledge bird feeders to leafy inspired socks.  These green toes were named after Ithunn - the Norse goddess of spring and keeper of apples & eternal youth. Nice job, that.

Rows begin at the start of sole stitches, ending with end of instep chart.  These socks are knit from toe up in the round, with short row toes and heels. The foot is first knit with stockinette on the sole and pattern as charted over the instep. After the heel the pattern continues around the circumference of the leg.  This knit involves knitting in the round, lace and cables.

Oh, also!  In case you missed it, I made a Short Row Toe video tutorial last week, in case you're unsure about short row toes :)

 You can find the sock pattern over here on Ravelry, or buy now with paypal.  

I do love these socks, and there's plenty of time to get started before spring comes around - because aren't they just perfect for spring-time?

The yarn is glorious too, it's dyed by Sylvan Tiger, and was part of the Autumn 2014 Golden Skein Yarn Club.


  1. The colour is fantastic - really makes the pattern stand out :)


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